The Search for Our New Vicar

Our Vicar, The Reverend Carl Somers-Edgar, has announced his intention to retire in the New Year. The text of his announcement appears here.

We will update this page periodically to keep you all up to date with the search for his replacement.

Status of the search

Update September 2011

A Warden’s Warble in The Rock for September provides a further update.

In time, The Nominators will surely find a suitable candidate with " the courage of his convictions".

Update August 2011

Parish Nominators advise that though there have been several expressions of interest, none has yet resulted in an application. You can see further details in A Warden’s Warble in September’s issue of The Rock .

Update June 4th

Details of the applicants (if any) for our vacant parish priesthood are, of course, highly confidential. There are some good signs though. For example:
  • Our usual month sees 200 or fewer unique visitors to our web site. May saw 399, over twice as many - and the position had been advertised only around the middle of the month
  • Of that 299 visitors, 174 were referred by a link from the Church Times website - where our vacancy is advertised. We have also had a considerable increase in visitors from the local Diocesan web page, where we are also advertising the post
  • The top two pages visited during the month were our ’Vicar Search’ and ’Candidate Information’ home pages.

    Update: May 3rd 2011

    Saint Peter’s Parish Profile is now available on Saint Peter’s Vicar Search page and Saint Peter’s Candidate Information page.

    Update: April 14th 2011

    Discussions between Vestry members and the Diocesan Ministry Educator (who facilitated the Parish Consultation Meeting) are complete and resulting documents have been forwarded to the Bishop so the formal employment search can begin. The following documents are now available on this site:

    Update: March 4th 2011

    The first draft of a Parish Profile, including a record of the Parish Consultation Meeting led by the Rev. Alec Clark, has been prepared and is being reviewed by the vestry.

    Update: February 13th 2011

    A Parish Consultation Meeting was held today. Here are pictures of the gathering and the invitation - including a description of the purpose of the meeting - is still available here.

    Update: January 2011

    A Parish Consultation Meeting, the first formal step in preparing for the selection and appointment of a new vicar, is scheduled for February 13th. Invitations, including an overview of the session, were sent to all members of the parish roll and are available in Saint Peter’s. Or you can view an online copy of the Invitation to a Parish Consultation Meeting.

    Update: December 2010

    The parish nominators issued this invitation to parishioners.

    " The Parish Nominators would like to have some idea or indication from you, as parishioners, what ideals and qualities you would like to see in a new Vicar. With this in mind, we invite you to contact any of the four appointed nominators with your comments and ideas. Contact details are:

    Please make the effort to let us know your thoughts, don’t just leave it to someone else to do. "

    October 2010

    Parish nominators are in place and beginning the process of consulting with parishioners so they (the nominators) are working with an accurate understanding of what parishioners want.

    They are also corresponding with Diocesan officials to get the formal procedures under way.

    You will find a brief overview of the search and selection process here.

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