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Bernard’s Farewell : January 22nd 2012

One year almost to the day since Archdeacon Bernard Wilkinson (pictured at left) took on Saint Peter’s as a regular "temporary intermin Priest" for the duration of our interregnum, Parishioners and other well-wishers farewelled him at morning tea after the Solemn Eucharist this morning.

Speaking at the event, Bishop’s Warden Tubby Hopkins pointed out that Bernard had been more than a Sunday Services Fill-in. He had also spent many hours in the Parish visiting and undertaking many other pastoral tasks normally performed only by a full time Vicar. For this, said Tubby, we are all most grateful.

Bernard was presented with various gifts from the Parish and from Parishioners, including a certificate of appreciation as a permanent record of our appreciation.

Also present was Bernard’s wife Ann (pictured at right), who joined her husband on several of the weekly trips to Saint Peter’s and who, as People’s Warden Joy Henderson said, had given up her husband for a year that we may have him instead. Now, said Joy, Ann can have him back full time. Joy presented a corsage and gift to Ann in recognition of her patience and able assistance during the year.

Well-wishers applaud Archdeacon Bernard Wilkinson

A section of the crowd applauds Archdeacon Bernard Wilkinson following his remarks.

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Photo’s: Information Services Otago Ltd.

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