News Special: Vicarage kitchen

Update: April 19th, 2010

The kitchen is complete and the Vicarage inhabitants have moved back in. Claudio has found the carpeted bit in the lounge/dining area - with handy cat door - and he has found the dining table. What more could a Vicarage inhabitant want?

Claudio has found the carpeted bit in the lounge/dining area - with handy cat door. Cute animal photo’s are always a hit, so.... And did we mention Claudio has also found the dining table?
A new sink - and in use! The magnets are back on the fridge The stove and dishdrawer are ready to go There’s coffee on tap Cupboards and to spare Cupboards and to spare The wash house is also complete

Update: March 31st, 2010

The new deck.

The new kitchen is all but complete, with only floor coverings and some final wiring and plumbing to do. The builders have given the OK to start moving in, so bliss in the Vicarage for Easter.

Point at the pictures for an explanation of what each one shows you.

The new deck. The view from the french doors, looking toward the bench and sink on the far side, under the window. Elegant wall lights give the lounge area a superior touch. Looking back from the working area toward the french doors. Of course, a new kitchen has lots of cupboard space. Microwave in place and space for the fridge to its left. The sink is placed under the window, with dishwasher and stove under the bench to the right. The laundry is close behind.

Update: March 16th, 2010

Work installing the new kitchen (and, we learned this week, a laundry as well) is now well under way, with all the demolition stages complete and things getting better with every day. Point at the pictures below for an explanation of what each one shows you.

Standing in the new kitchen, looking through the dining nook and out the french doors Standing in the new french doors, looking back through the dining nook to the new kitchen work area A closer view of the new kitchen bench The new laundry going in where the old kitchen bench was And lo!  the deck is well under way

Update: March 8th, 2010

Still all go at the vicarage

Anyone wondering whether the builders have finished with the vicarage need look no further than the front gate. Skips, vans, cars - and there were more parked on the street!

In fact we hear the builders expect to be finished in another 3 weeks or so.

Still all go at the vicarage Still all go at the vicarage
New french doors - with cat door for Claudio!

Things are still happening for sure. Behold the new french doors - and what’s this? A Cat Door?? Why would that be?

Proud owner of a new cat door

Notice also the beginnings of the new deck. Cunningly disguised in this shot as a stand for building materials.

And yes, that is the stove sitting on the lawn. Don’t expect a dinner invitation to the vicarage for the time being we suspect!

Indoors - getting better, but not a kitchen at present

Update: February 19th, 2010

An even smaller kitchen space

Useable space in the kitchen has shrunk further - the plywood wall has moved to ’fence off’ a tiny alley with sink and cupboards (at right), ...

Fridge etc. exiled to the porch

... and the fridge, the microwave and sundry stores and supplies now live in the porch (at left), but the vicarage crew is happy because...

... inside, a large area is now reclad and wired, almost ready for the decorators to move in...

Almost ready to decorate Progress inside

...and outside, foundations are in place for the deck and there are clear signs of where the new french doors will be.

Foundations for the deck, with indications of french doors to come The extent of the deck-to-be

Update: February 8th, 2010

The skip has gone, the scaffolding has gone and the chimney has gone - could they have started putting the kitchen back together?

Well yes, but.... As the images below show, dust is flying as the existing space is remodelled and preparations are under way for a new deck.

Dust flying New framing in place in existing space External preparations for extension

Update: January 28th, 2010


Work started at the end of January on updating the vicarage kitchen. Pictured at left, a skip is delivered under the rubbish shute and scaffolding already in place for demolition of the old kitchen chimney.

The existing kitchen has been divided by a temporary plywood partition as seen below left, with vicarage residents using one half (below centre) while builders go to work in the other. Note the original fireplace which will be removed as part of the upgrade.

The plywood partition Squeezed into half a kitchen The building site

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