Saint Peter’s Character

Our regular worshippers come from all over Dunedin, and from as far afield as Palmerston and Timaru!

Our worship is in the Anglo-Catholic tradition, centred around the Eucharist. At the 8 o’clock service on Sunday mornings we use an historic liturgy such as that in the 1662 Book of Common Prayer. For the Solemn Eucharist at half past ten we use two different but complimentary liturgies in more modern language. Incense is used at this service, and there is music and singing.

We sing the usual hymns, Taize Chants, plainsong, and Schubert’s setting of the Eucharist.

We believe in the Bible - not as literalists, but not dismissing the virgin birth and the resurrection as mere myths either. As Anglicans, we appeal to Scripture, Tradition, and Reason. We pay attention to what the great saints, scholars and mystics (past and present) have said about Bible interpretation and Church doctrine, and think about their ideas. Always, the purpose is to draw near to God and to learn how to serve Him and His creation.

There are many groups within the Church: a meditation group, a weekly games morning, a healing ministry, Sunday lunches, study groups and more.

57 Baker Street, Caversham, Dunedin, New Zealand +64-3-455-3961 : or e-mail us