Friends of Saint Peter’s

Over the years, Saint Peter’s has has been able to rely on a wide variety of very good friends.

They have been recognised in our publications of the day, and now it seems good that we should include some recognition in the electronic world.

There is always a risk in such endeavours of missing out someone who should be included. If that has happened, we are sorry and will make matters right as soon as we know about it.

So here are some of our present-day friends. We thank them for their support and assistance. We hope they too find value in the association.

And we hope that where possible, you will support them in your turn, as do we as a parish.

St Barnabas Home Trust

Visit St Barnabas’ web site

email the manager

Gillions Funeral Services

Visit Gillions’ web site

Make contact with Gillions

Holistic Care – Prudence Paterson

Make contact with Prue

Stewart Construction

Visit the Stewart Construction web site

Make contact with Stewarts

Dunedin Print Ltd.

Visit the Dunedin Print web site

Make contact with Dunedin Print

O’Neill Devereux

Visit O’Neill Devereaux’s web site

Make contact with O'Neill Devereaux

Matthews Eyecare

Visit the Matthews Eyecare web site

or email them at

Murray Turner Decorators Ltd

Contact Murray Turner Decorators Ltd

or email direct

57 Baker Street, Caversham, Dunedin, New Zealand +64-3-455-3961 : or e-mail us