Staff and Contacts

If you have a complaint, contact the vicar or churchwardens as identified at left.

If you do not feel the complaint has been resolved or dealt with properly, contact the Diocesan Office for advice on what you need to do:
Telephone 03 488 0821
or email

for further information visit

The Reverend Natalie Milliken, ā®Vicar

       Telephone 03 455 3961 : email

Jennifer Maffey, Vicar’s Warden

       Telephone 03 455 4601 : email

Alex Chisholm, People’s Warden and Vestry Secretary

       Telephone 03 487 7356 : email

David Hoskins, Director of Music and Hall Manager

       Telephone 03 453 4621 : email



Vestry Members

       Natalie Milliken, Vicar
       Jennifer Maffey, Vicar’s Warden
       Alex Chisholm, People’s Warden and Vestry Secretary
       Ken Ferguson
       David Hoskins
       Stephen Lighton
       Raylene Ralston
       David Scoular

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