Father Carl Writes

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All Souls Day

"Most people seem hardly ready for the perfection of heaven - they could do with a bit of a spiritual smartening up before they actually get there. But that is not what the doctrine of purgatory is mainly about."......read more

The Original Easter

"It took place in the dead of night, in pitch darkness, and in a securely sealed cave with no witnesses whatsoever - let alone television cameramen. And it went from bad to worse."......read more

"Except through me"

"If you want to spend your eternity saying me first! then you won’t be doing it with God. You will have to change - not him."......read more

The Rosary

"In a strange way, the rosary is designed to make prayer easier by making it more complicated."......read more

The Crown, the Church of England, and Us

"The recent visit of the Prince of Wales, and his nuptials, have led to a good deal of comment about his status with respect to the Church of England - not all of it entirely accurate. Thus I am here going to take the opportunity to put the record straight!"......read more

Mother Julian

"For a work written in the fourteenth century in Chaucerian English by a female recluse about whom we know next to nothing, the Showings enjoys a remarkable world-wide influence in the twentieth century..."......read more

Joining Up

"Strange as it may seem to us, the Orthodox practice is most like the original form of Christian initiation..."......read more

Holy Writ

"... just remember - the reality was and is far greater than mere words can tell."......read more

Things To Come

"In some ways purgatory can be seen to meet a need."......read more

God of Battles

"However much we may love our own ’nation, tribe or language’ God is not its guarantor, and we should never make the good the enemy of the best."......read more

Addressing God

"....too many of the names and titles of God have got extra baggage attached to them from our own individual pasts."......read more

Science and Religion

"The real problem is now the good old Man in the Street. By and large he hasn’t caught up."......read more

Of The Blessed Virgin

"Only two doctrines concerning Mary are regarded by Anglicanism as essential to the Christian faith:"......read more


"Fashionable modern prejudices about theology don’t appeal to me in the slightest when they water down ’the faith once delivered to the saints.’" ......read more

Moon Bears

"I found the treatment meted out to these otherwise endearing creatures hard to contemplate" ......read more

Chaps in Church

"Where are the men in our churches? One can only pay tribute to the faithful few! Not so long ago a woman priest took me firmly to task for calling God he in a sermon. Another solemnly informed me that the faults of women are caused by..."......read more

Following Father Harrison

"At a Diocesan Synod a few years ago I was both amazed and dismayed by the priorities and even the style of events. .............. Charles Harrison, thou shouldest be living at this hour - Aotearoa New Zealand hath need of thee!" ......read more


"But I also wonder what value - if any - we put on old age. Ours is a society which is obsessed with youth, and the things of youth." ......read more

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