Brass cleaning

The brass in Saint Peter’s Church is cleaned every six weeks throughout the year.

This takes place in the Parish Hall, and it takes four or five people (male or female) about one and a half hours.

They start at 9.30am in summer and 10.30am in winter on a Tuesday morning (except the Saturdays immediately before Christmas Day and Easter Day). This is always a very rewarding task.

If you’d like to help at any time, please contact Gay Webb on 476 1613.

Church flowers

The Sanctuary Guild is a group of some ten women who look after the flowers in the Church. Each week two people arrange vases for the altars, the font, and on the piano. On special occasions, extra flowers are put in Church, for example, for Christmas and Easter.

On Harvest Festival Sunday, the Church is decorated with lots of flowers, fruit and vegetables, tinned goods, etc. After the service, all the goods are given to the Anglican Family Care Centre.

If you would like to join the flower roster or have a suggestion to make, contact Deirdre Harris on 455 0071.


As you enter the Church for Sunday services, you will be greeted at the door by one or more sidespeople who will give you the service books, hymn books, notice sheets etc.

The sidespeople attend to many of the details which help the services to run smoothly: turning on the lights and sound system (and turning them off again afterwards) ringing the bell and taking the collection. They are also, legally speaking, the fire wardens and are the people to ask if you have any questions about where to sit or leave your coat. They’ll also know who to see for anything they cannot answer themselves.

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