E.G. Edwards, 1864-1869, who was actually on the Cathedral staff, since Saint Peter’s could not afford its own vicar.

T.L. Stanley, 1869-1870. The first Vicar of Caversham!

E.G. Penny, 1874.

C.J. Martin, 1875-1877. A 9-room Vicarage was built for him in Kew.

H.J. Davis, 1879-1880, working under the Vicar of Port Chalmers. His widow continued to work for the Church, and lived in St Clair until she died in 1950.

W. Ronaldson, 1881-1887. Under him the present Saint Peter’s was built.

F.E. Watson, 1888-1892, who took a particular interest in the Church grounds.

B.M. King, 1892-1911. He first came to the antipodes as a convict chaplain in Australia. He condemned playing cards such as "filthy euchre" in his sermons. However, his father had been active in the Oxford Movement catholic revival in England, and Mr King brought with him vestments, and a jewelled chalice and paten.

E.D. Evans, 1911-1914, who came from Britain on the "Mission of Help" scheme.

J.L. Mortimer, 1914-1920, who started the Altar Servers’ Guild.

L.G. Whitehead, 1920.

W. Uphill, 1920-1922, who arrived from Lawrence.

G.N. Turner, 1923-1924.

W.H. Roberts, 1924-1925.

A.C. Button, 1925-1935, who perfected the art of a quick sermon at the 8am Eucharist at Saint Peter’s in order to zoom in his bull-nosed Morris car to take the 8:45am service at Saint Peter’s the Less. He eventually became Dean of Saint Paul’s Cathedral.

A.B. Pywell, 1935-1952, arrived from Ballarat, Australia. He managed without a curate in order to help extinguish the parish debt. Like Mr Button, he was concerned with the poor of South Dunedin during the Depression.

R.P. Taylor, 1952-1962 believed that excellent music, ritual and colour are important expressions of the faith. Under him, the Church building was completed at a cost of 7,000 pounds (including the new sanctuary), and five members of the congregation were accepted for the priesthood.

J. Teal, 1962-1982, hailed from Yorkshire, England, but both his education and his ministry were split between Yorkshire and N.Z. He spent some time in the Diocese of Christchurch (NZ) before coming to Saint Peter’s. Like several other Vicars, he became a Canon of the Cathedral.

B.S. Robertson, 1982-1985. An excellent organiser, he oversaw the building of the new hall.

C.J. Somers Edgar, 1985-2011, a local boy who trained in Oxford, England.

H. Bowron, 2011-2021, originally of Christchurch, trained at the College of the Resurrection, Mirfield.

N. Milliken, 2022-, started her career in full-time teaching then trained for the priesthood through St Marks National Theological College in Canberra.

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