Themes often addressed in the preaching here

The Good News

God loves everyone, and delights in the creation he has made. He enjoys us in our uniqueness and quirkiness. Union with God in all his knowability, lovability and enjoyability is what the Christian religion is all about.

Jesus as God in human form

God became a human being too – as Jesus Christ. In his death on the cross he drew human rejection and separation from God into himself, and neutralised its ultimate effects. As the resurrected one he shows us our future as embodied spiritual creatures.

A better understanding of the Bible

The Bible is the book that reads us as we read it, because it reveals who we really are, and brings us into contact with God. Its texts have a classical quality about them that no other religious writings can ever have. Not all parts of the Bible are equally right or equally important, but it does make God present to us in a unique way. It is the Church’s book because we need the wisdom of our brothers and sisters in Christ to point to its true meaning, and to protect us from our own, sometimes misguided, opinions about it.

The overcoming of suffering and death

God will have the last word in the human story. The justice we long for in this life will be there at the last. The victims of history will be vindicated by his cleansing, just and merciful judgements - the practitioners of radical evil need to reckon with this final accounting.

Many of us leave this life as a work in progress, neither wholly good, nor wholly bad. In his mercy and goodness God has provided a place of further cleansing, purification and spiritual development which prepares us to enjoy the vision of God forever. Those who have never had a chance to hear the good news in an authentic and effective way will have it presented to them in all its compelling attractiveness in this place of preparation. None of us is beyond the reach of the astonishing strangeness of the mercy of God.

What happens after death

The resurrection is the most important and essential part of the gospel. Human beings are filled with immortal longings for more than this life can ever deliver. The life of the world to come will be one of continuing and exciting growth and development, in the company of those we love, and with believers from the past and the future.

Why the universe bothers to exist

The existence of God gives true meaning and significance to the existence of everything else. Our universe exists as an expression of his power, wisdom, goodness, and beauty. Our part in it – insignificant as it may seem to us – is of infinite value to him.

Healthy religion

We adore and worship the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is also the Holy Spirit alive and active in our world, our entry point into God.

Human beings can and do distort and misuse religion. It is important to keep the Christian religion healthy and balanced by being informed about our faith: By tuning in to the faith of the Church as expressed in the creeds as our touchstone of truth; by loving others wisely and well, by being prepared to stand up for the truth, and by the exercise of tolerance, warmth and good humour to others.

Rediscovering our ancient tradition

You are welcome to enter our doors, at the regular Services, to get to know us, and to get in touch with the sacred past of the Church, its ancient wisdom and its beautiful traditional rituals. We are on a voyage of rediscovery, and we warmly invite you to join us!

Father Hugh Bowron

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