Candidate Information

Applications are invited for the position of Vicar of Saint Peter’s Caversham and should include:

  • details of training and qualifications appropriate to parish ministry
  • a summary of relevant experience and liturgical background
  • a statement of why you want to be our Vicar, what you have to offer the parish and hope to gain from the post.

Closing date is 30 April, 2021 (later than originally advertised).

Address applications to the Parish Nominators at

57 Baker Street, Caversham, Dunedin, New Zealand
by email to The Vicar’s Warden (

If you think you may like to be Our New Vicar, these pages are specially for you.

You will get a good idea of our parish life and habits from the main pages of this site, but there are things you - and your family! - will want to know before you decide you’d like to take us on. We hope you’ll find useful things here. For a start, we have pages on:

Two documents have been prepared for interested candidates. You can access them here:

If you would like to make initial contact before submitting a formal application, you are welcome to email our Vicar’s Warden. Contacts will be held in strict confidence.

Local links

These web sites will give you some idea of the city and district in which we live.

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